Pinnacle Nutrition Group is known for its hydration products developed specifically for endurance sports. Offered initially in prepackaged bottles ready to drink, PNG looked to expand into sachets that could easily fit in any pocket and 30 serving canisters that fit nicely in your gym bag. To go along with the new offerings, a full redesign of the product was requested as they looked to expand into specialty sports stores. Wanting to move away from their then trademark black & white, I developed a cleaner design and a new take on their logo and used it as a new background element.
• Creative Direction
• Design Execution
• 3D Render
— packaging designs —
Lifestyle photography was captured for use in social and direct marketing campaigns.
Marketing pieces, infographics, and a full icon set were developed for influencer and paid marketing campaigns. All photography was shot in-house. 
— Original Designs —
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