Ara Logistics, Puerto Rico's largest domestic dispensary was looking to branch out its offerings using a beverage-based format. Coming from the marijuana industry, they wanted something artsy yet recognizable.
• Creative Direction
• Design Execution
• 3D Render
— Initial Concepts —
Attempting to create an ownable element in the labels to make the packaging more recognizable, I relied on the strain used for the extract. The strain was Delta 8. I created a logo for the shorthand using the greek symbol (A triangle) and turned it into a repeating background element as well.
Since art was at the forefront of the client's wishlist, pop art played a larger role in the initial concepts. The bright colors and loud graphics were refined in the final designs, as well as the branding took a leading role. The color was toned back and used to accent the design allowing it to pop without being so jarring. The art was also shrunk to allow the "Hi" logo to be more dominant.  ​​​​​​​
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